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Sons of Anarchy Banners from the S7 Premiere.

(SET 2 OF 2)


I have a bad feeling, something might happen to Juice


Gemma, stop your crying. You caused this shit.

As if offing your sons wife wasn’t bad enough, you’re responsible for Jax going off the rails and being out for blood and starting a war with the wrong people.

Wendy at this point is the most stable of the characters.

Also, Abel saying “did Mommy…


Happy you are my everything in this shitshow. you are literally the only one I can count on to never change.

Happy: I know a thousand places to bury bodies
Tig: Of course your do

Sons of Anarchy (via stonedhatter)


Gemma and Clay were truly soulmates:

Clay sets up a Mayan to turn attention away from his and Tig’s involvement in Donna’s death.

Gemma sets up a member of Lin’s gang to turn attention away from her involvement in Tara’s death.

Kindred souls in murder and evil.

Tig: I’m just a guy on a shady street, getting cheap head

Sons of Anarchy (via stonedhatter)


This song legitimately makes me want to cry, all I can see is Jax holding Tara on the kitchen floor and sobbing.