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Remember that the most dangerous prison is the one in your head.

Juice is in a world, that when you really think about it, should never have been. At all. He should have been a comic book kid. It shouldn’t have been a motorcycle club because he’s not cut out for it. He makes  himself cut out for it by doing all these violent acts and trying to make everything better. [x]

"We’re all in, brother"


You’re damn right we’re all in. These characters have worked their way into my heart and soul and watching as my favorite slowly becomes the monster that he never thought he’d be is breaking my heart. Some times I wish I never found this show or became so attached to a character that in others’ eyes is disposable because he’s ‘weak’. 

dumbluck-and-pneumonia asked
I hope he comes back to Bate's Motel & I hope we get the truth about everything at some point in the show too! I struggle with keeping up all the lies & secrets. I do love the show though even though I wish they had set it back in the day rather than modern day but at the same time I'm okay with it cause then I think we wouldn't have Dylan as much and I love his character so far. They did such a great job at matching Max & Kenny! & be honest, how hard did you cry at the Saving Grace finally?

Yes!! I know. It’s actually being talked about right now!! I’m excited. And oh my gosh saving grace.. I had to go and start watching it again last night! You made me miss it lol